Gregg Deeb republican candidate for congress looking at corn field saying he has answered the call throughout his life


Gregg Deeb and his family

Twenty-eight years ago, I took my first oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

My name is Gregg Deeb.

My wife Donna is a retired Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer, and currently the Director of Member Services Outreach at Driscoll Health Plan.Gregg Deeb and his wife Donna We have been married for 20 years and we have five beautiful children. I come from a family of legal immigrants. My father served in the Navy, with his last assignment at Cabaniss Field in Corpus Christi. My parents instilled in me a strong Christian faith, commitment to family, and love of country.

Throughout my life, I’ve answered the call. I answered my first call to service as an altar boy at church. In high school, I answered the call to serve on student council.

Gregg Deeb in the militaryI answered the call and served three operational tours with Marine F/A-18 squadrons, deploying throughout the world. As a Lieutenant Colonel, I answered the call to deploy for combat operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I answered the call as the first Marine to command a Strike Training Squadron at Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas.

We can all see the direction that our country is headed right now. Congress has surrendered much of its authority to federal agencies, justices, and lobbyists. Our federal government has, in many ways, become the very entity that our Constitution was designed to guard against. We can choose to sit back and do nothing, or we can work together and answer the call. This is about our children, our next generation and the future of our country.

The only way that we will restore the freedoms envisioned by our founding fathers is to elect individuals with the courage and conviction to make the decisions necessary to preserve and protect the Constitution. I am that principled leader.Gregg Deeb, wife Donna, and children praying at dinner table

When faced with critical decisions that would affect our country, our founding fathers were deliberate in taking time to ask for God's guidance. I will not be afraid to pray before a decision is made, just like our founding fathers did.

The principal of Saint John Paul II Catholic High School talks about preparing our children for college, for life, and for heaven. In the end, our place in heaven is what we should all be striving for.

It is time for us to stand up as a society and a local community, to elect fearless leaders who will restore confidence in our Constitutional form of government.

I have broad experience, acquired over a long career, in defense, oil & gas, technology, education, health care, and agriculture… all key industries central to our district.

I am answering the call to serve once again…to reaffirm my commitment to support and defend, and bear true faith and allegiance to God and the Constitution…to take the same oath I took 28 years ago, this time as your Congressman for Texas’ District 27.

Gregg Deeb and family walking outside

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